Concert programme

Giedrius Kuprevičius. Andante and Presto from Sonata of Serpent, 1968
Julius Andrejevas. An Engraving, 1988
Žibuoklė Martinaitytė. Heights and Depths of Love: Togetherness, 2008


Selga Mence. Vasaras vīzijas: Rīts / Morning from Summer Visions, 2020
Ēriks Ešenvalds. Sasalušais horizonts / Frozen Horizon, 2013
Pēteris Vasks. Vasaras vakara mūzika / Music for a summer evening, 2009


Arvo Pärt. Für Anna Maria, 2006
Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, 1977
Für Alina 1976
Tõnu Kõrvits. To the North, 2017
Urmas Sisask. Telescopium: Gentle Touch from Starry Sky Cycle: Equatorial sky op. 155/4, 1980-7



performance in Brno, The Czech republic
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What is our Baltic music like today? What names come to mind when you hear Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian music? What do we know about ourselves and others through piano music and what message do we bring to the world?

The concert pianist Eglė Andrejevaitė gives her answers in her solo programme called BALTIC AMBER (lithuanian version – 9 LOBIAI). 9 composers (3 from each of the country) and their works present unity and differences, individual themes and history before, during and after the independence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Lithuania is represented by works by the “cautious radical” Giedrius Kuprevičius, the emotional Julius Andrejevas and the “texture wizard” Žibuoklė Martinaitytė. The chosen works are separated by 20 years. The country’s history through amazing latvian landscape scenery is represented by world-renowned composer Pēteris Vasks, Selga Mence’s work in the style of aleatoric music and the opus by Ēriks Ešenvalds recognised especially for his choral compositions. Estonians – Arvo Pärt, Urmas Sisask and Tõnu Kõrvits opens up the new possibilities of melodies and harmonies: re-thinking (human) life, expanding ideas, reflecting the stars and constellations.

The programme is commissioned by the “New Music Encounter Plus 2023” festival in Brno, The Czech Republic.

Eglė Andrejevaitė
© Mantas Juška


Eglė Andrejevaitė

Winner of international competitions, graduate of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, founder of TonArt piano studio, concert pianist Eglė Andrejevaitė studied in Germany at the Stuttgart University of Music and Applied Arts. In 2012, together with violinist Augusta Jusionyte, she made her debut at the Graz Philharmonic, Austria. Since 2013, she is putting special emphasis on thematic solo concert programmes: Hour with Beethoven, Coco CHANEL project, Engraving – dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States, Chopin’s Haiku, which have been performed in Lithuania, Italy, Australia, USA.