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Individual lessons

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You will meet your piano instructor and try playing piano during the trial lesson.

You’ll learn (or will be reminded):

  • piano anatomy and history,
  • correct posture of your hands and body,
  • play an easy duet piece by ear.

A trial lesson for someone who has not played before will be about meeting and feeling the instrument, thinking about your future learning goals and hearing the instructors’s advice on how to achieve those goals.

A trial lesson for someone who has experience, will be about remembering basic techniques and skills, understanding tasks you would need to complete to achieve your goals, and getting advice from the instructor.

Grand pianos are rich in harmonies and tone, but also in different ways how to play each note. If you want the piano „to tell a story”, your imagination is not enough. Important things are your posture, coordination, movements and knowledge. In PIANO ABC (basic piano skills for beginners), you will learn:

  • comfortable body posture,
  • different hand movements,
  • fingering,
  • how to read sheet music (Treble and Bass Clef),
  • exercises.

Advanced players will train their sense of rhythm, learn about harmonies and dynamics.

The PIANO ABC course is valid for three months after the first lesson is completed.

This course will provide you with essential skills. You will carefully and consistently go through the main music theory which you apply in practice. Course is made with balance in time, rhythm and tempo between essential themes and your needs. PIANO BASIC is extended PIANO ABC course and with added topics of:

  • learning about different ways to performing,
  • various tips for learning by ear.

You will get +1 lesson as a gift 🎁 if you buy this course first time.

This course is valid for 6 months after the first lesson is completed.

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