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The gift voucher

20,00 450,00 

The gift voucher can be collected:

  • In TonArt studio located in Rūkainiai, The old Minsk highway 92 -103 (Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator) (Please call)
  • Via LP Express parcel terminals in 3 business days
  • In your email as a PDF.

You will meet your piano instructor and try playing piano during the trial lesson.

You’ll learn (or will be reminded):

  • piano anatomy and history,
  • correct posture of your hands and body,
  • play an easy duet piece by ear.

For someone who hasn’t played before, this lesson will be all about exploring music, the instrument, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

For someone who has got experience/has played, this time will let you test and remember technique and your abilities. You will also explore possibilities for your playing skills in the future.

Duration: 60 minutes.

This course is for anyone who would like to learn basic elements of playing piano:

  • anatomy of the instrument and pianist,
  • keyboard and action control,
  • sight-reading and playing by ear: theory and practice.

The piano ABC course is valid for 3 months after the first lesson is completed.

This course will provide you with essential skills for playing piano. You will learn carefully, with music theory applying in practice. Course is made in time, rhythm and tempo balance between basic themes and Your needs.

The students buying the course for the first time – get +1 lesson as a gift.

This course is valid for 6 months after the first lesson is completed.

Are you looking for a gift for a music lover? It’s not easy to find a calm and peaceful place to enjoy piano playing in Vilnius.

Johannes Seiler 186 Traditio is an instrument made in Germany in 2020. It was brought to our studio straight from the factory. SEILER pianos are widely known for their clear, bright sound and modern technologies. A professional modern piano bench with silent hydraulic lifting will be adjusted for pianist’s needs.

Price for 1h / 60min. Only for self-practise.

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