Thank you for e-Yamaha

Thank you for e-Yamaha

In 2020 you contributed TonArt 1.2% of your income tax. We gave all of the money (1371,14€) to buy a portable digital piano. Last year we discovered the need of high-quality digital piano we could use for live concerts. With your support, we are happy to present you our new stage piano, which will bring music to anyone and anywhere.

Why Yamaha P-515 BK?

Together with TonArt teaching pianist Kęstutis Pavalkis (who is the most experienced with digital instruments), we looked for an instrument that would:

  • have the most realistic acoustic instrument feel,
  • be easy to transport.
  • fit into our budget.

To get a PROfessional type instrument, we added an extra 477.46€ and finally we are ready to:

  • perform in the places that have no instrument,
  • provide an individual practice for everyone (free of charge for TonArt students).
  • use it for our educational workshops and trainings.

Financial statement: keyboard – 1500€, stand – 96,80€, professional set of pedal stand – 96,80€, keyboard case – 155€. In total: 1848,60€

We are grateful to have you as companions in TonArt musical journey.

Thank you!

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